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Marius is the man with the idea behind Hack a Server, a platform designed for conducting manual penetration tests using the power of crowdsourcing, covered by anonymity and confidentiality. He considers himself a serial entrepreneur and is very passionate about Artificial Intelligence.

13 responses to “Bug Bounty Programs part 2”

  1. caseyjohnellis

    Thanks for the write-up Marius! Always nice to get people’s opinions of our service.

    One thing – You left out the fact that we ran a USD10,000 bounty on the weekend just passed.

  2. caseyjohnellis

    Heheh – and by we I mean Bugcrowd.

  3. Ash Conway

    Thanks Marius for including us in your review. Really appreciate your feedback. For now, we’ve removed the terms and conditions selection from the create account form as each contest has own it’s rules. We’ll also include whether future contests are black, grey, or white box.

  4. 6ix IT

    Hi Marius, thanks for the link and sorry for the poor information displayed on the Crowdsec website.

    Project is still in developpement (advanced phase) and i hope i’ll be able to give you a beta access in a couple of days.

    I’m curious, but what will be the part 3 and 4 topic of this “bug bounty programs” posts ?

  5. Karim Slamani

    Here my real name ;)

    Hope the platform will be finished for your #3 article !

    Thanks once again.

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