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HackAdemy – “Knowledge is Power” Opening October 10th

Nowadays the learning process evolved by finding new ways to disseminate knowledge. New technologies can strongly help in education for presenting online training and/or web conferencing.

When it comes about infosec industry, we have portals like The Hacker News where CEO Mohit Kumar and his team does great job, we have podcasts, webcasts like SecurityTube, webinars and so on.

Talking about learning, for a couple of years eLearning platforms has become more and more used to spread knowledge.

eLearning platforms gain more and more attention because of their flexibility, easy to use and more important, because they recreate a real classroom with drawing boards, file and screen sharing those being just a few features among the fact that you can take the course from your home.

Today if you want to learn something you got a lot of elearning sites, full of pure knowledge no matter what you’re interested in to it. Most comprehensive eLearning sites that I know are from Standford Univerity for Natural Language Processing, Khan Academy. You can find a lot of live courses about almost anything. Coursera is a place where you can find over 120 courses from most known universities. Udacity is another eLearning platform where they offer live courses.

Some of them are free some not but, what I was looking for, I didn’t find it. I was looking for e free eLearning platform where you can learn or teach others infosec stuffs. I’m not saying that out there doesn’t exist; I’m saying that I didn’t find it yet. That’s why we’re glad to announce you that Hack a Server Project has open its eLearning Platform; it is free and we call it HackAdemy.

HackAdemy was designed to help infosec community by spreading knowledge from people who wants to share it and unlike others (e.g. Khan Academy), you will find courses only about InfoSec industry.

HackAdemy is the place where people can start to learn or/and teach others about security, the place where they will get live courses and hands on methods using our HaS platform for their PenTest Labs and all those for free at no cost.

Because we like KISS methods (Keep It Simple Silly) we have 3 main course categories: Hack a Server, PenTest, and of course Show Off.

On Hack a Server category we’ll have courses that are related with our platform. Our teachers will taught you how to use HaS platform whether you are a Web Applications Developer, Sys Admin, CTO or a pentester.

PenTest category is about learning new methods and improves your skills as a pentester. System administrators and web developers should pay attention to this course either where offensive and defensive security collides.

And last but not least, Show Off is about you where, as an InfoSec specialist or/and researcher can have your own live classroom showing them what you’ve been up to lately.

Who will teach our students?
  • Basically anyone who can prove us that has strong background and skills about InfoSec and would be happy to teach and spread knowledge among InfoSec community can be a teacher.
  • Any company who have training courses about security certification can keep here introductory lessons in order to get more audience for their products. We already have over 1600 1800 registered users on Hack a Server platform that could be interested in getting a worldwide security certificate and over 200 already registered students on HackAdemy eLearning Platform.

If you are interested to help spreading knowledge among InfoSec community, let’s talk about. Drop us an email hackademy [At] hackaserver (dot) com and we can start working together.

We will start our HackAdemy on October 10th so if you are interested to take our courses, you can start registered on HackAdemy

Stay secure while having fun. ;-)

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Marius is the man with the idea behind Hack a Server, a platform designed for conducting manual penetration tests using the power of crowdsourcing, covered by anonymity and confidentiality. He considers himself a serial entrepreneur and is very passionate about Artificial Intelligence.

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  2. snehangshu ghosh

    i really want to know hacking not cracking plz let me know how to di ?

  3. rpt

    It would be nice if you use ssl connection.

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  5. Dony - heappie0verflow

    Congratulations Marius! This “security knowledge spot” is very important to improove humanity inteligence in information security area.

    I would like participate helping with something.

    Thank you! Long life for hackademy!

    Dony – Heappie0verflow

  6. Jesu

    I would like to know whether there will be any impact for my system if i access an SQL injected website?

  7. Dimitris Maketas

    The URL is not responding. Could you please check it?

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